Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Toynton St Peters, Lincolnshire
Anaerobic Digestion Plants producing 250Kw of electricity and 200Kw of heat. Construction of reinforced concrete underground storage tanks, various concrete bases and access road, and construction of concrete silage clamp facility.

Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire
Agricultural Anaerobic Digestion Plants producing 500Kw of electricity. Bulk earthworks excavation, construction of deep foundations to concrete storage tanks, various concrete bases, concrete apron hardstandings and 2’600 sq.m feedstock clamp with vertical concrete panel wall construction.

East Kirkby, Lincolnshire
1.2 megawatt Anaerobic Digestion Project, Storage tank foundations, reinforced concrete bases, purpose built office/control building, 8’000 cubic metre storage lagoon.